Success Story

Cellular Connectivity Advances Flight Data Monitoring Technology

Spidertracks is the leading provider of satellite aircraft tracking, fleet management and communication solutions for thousands of private and light commercial aircraft across the world. Safety lies at the heart of Spidertracks’ guiding mission to enable fixed and rotary-wing operators to locate their aircraft at all times.

Spidertracks wanted to develop a cost-effective virtual flight data monitoring solution that any aircraft operator could use wherever they are in the world. In addition to satellite communications (SATCOM), Spidertracks had decided to use cellular connectivity and knew it was critical to find the right provider – a previous supplier had failed to deliver adequate technical support. They wanted a partner who would be a good cultural fit for their business, and offer support every step of the way throughout their IoT journey.

Find out how Eseye helped Spidertracks to plot the right route to success.

Success story

We chose Eseye to help us on this mission because we wanted a connectivity solution which complimented our ‘plug and play’ ethos with no intervention needed, as traditional flight data monitoring systems have been complex to setup and install. Eseye were incredibly easy to work with and were with us every step of the way from initial designs right through to deployment and ongoing technical support.

Steven Whitaker, COO, Spidertracks
Success story

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