What are the key security risks in IoT?

Long Detection Times

If IoT devices are unchecked for long periods, security threats and vulnerabilities may go undetected, compounding the impact.

Single Purpose IoT Devices

The unsophisticated single-task nature of many IoT devices can make it difficult to include security software.

Lack of Certificate based security

Many IoT SIMs lack more advanced certificate-based security measures – creating resource challenges.

Unsecure Data transmission

Most IoT SIMs send data via HTTP over standard internet channels – increasing the risk of data being maliciously intercepted or lost.

Secure Your Connected Devices

from device to cloud

According to Gartner, there will be more than 25 billion connected devices by 2025. Of course, with any explosion of new technology comes the question of security. Despite the plethora of opportunities that IoT offers businesses and consumers, it also poses major risks in terms of security. Hardware, software and connectivity platforms will all need to be secured for IoT devices to work effectively – and perhaps more importantly – for organisations to put their trust in this technology.

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Case Study


BT wanted to build a network of intelligent lockers for their delivery drivers and for customers to tap into. Not only did they have connectivity concerns about how to make this work but they also had physical and cyber security concerns to negotiate as well.


BT chose AnyNet+ SIM and AnyNet Connectivity Management to provide near 100% connectivity for their devices. What’s more using Eseye’s private APN and innovative security technology such as location locking, embedded SIMs and IMEI lock to enhance device security


BT were able to ensure maximum possible uptime for their elockers – providing greater service to customers and staff. All while safe in the knowledge that they had addressed all of the major security threats to their IoT devices.

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